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Graham Maxwell

Checks the intelligence report again, a little frantically

(Said Report)

“This seems to indicate, if I am not mistaken, that the ISN fleet is stretched thin in the area for the moment, with the 3rd Hunter Group destroyed and the 4th in quarantine. Of course, if they have already dispatched another group…” Gives a frustrated shrug “Well, then there’s obviously nothing left for us to do about it, and we can only hope that our failure to step in will help convince the ISN of our story.”

Jolts as another message comes in, as he was still holding the datapad. Ghraham quickly reads through Hall’s newest message, his jaw locking when he gets near the end.

“Bugger – you’re probably right, Nhaima, but I don’t like any of this one bit. I would rather we not deliver ourselves into the hands of the enemy again – and after that massacre the ISN is definitely an enemy. That said, this conversation is above my pay grade. You know I’ll do my duty – I’m just thoroughly glad I’m not a weapons officer.”