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OK, I have removed a lot of the forums. They were moved to the “Bin” but are still accessible if we want to draw any topics from them.I might rethink that and put them under an “Archive” with them all closed but still publicly available for reference. Moving them to the Bin was the quickest method available though.

I have also created a new forum called “Commissioned Officers’ Galley”. One of the most successful threads on the forums was “The Bar”, so this should be a place for that to still happen.

There are two OOC forums – the Mess Hall for general chatter out-of-character, such as the armada updates and general bits of news; and the Division Development forum for starting any discussions about changes, suggestions or general new ideas to develop the Division.

I have kept the personal logs as I know these are used frequently by a couple of avid officers posting logs (which are always great to read). A sub-forum also includes the Character Development forum as I didn’t want to remove that.

These changes shift the forum focus to be primarily about in-character discussions and posts. I think this is perhaps the best use of the forums. It has been commented that discussion on discord is much easier out-of-character, and often of a different nature. We’ll definitely still be using discord – it is a quick way for people to discuss things more rapidly – but the type of discussions and pace of them is different, so the forums provide the ability to have longer IC interactions.