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    It seems these forums are fairly quiet, aside from regular posts of intel reports and the odd personal log. These forums are a powerful resource though. I am thinking of ways to reorganise and utilise them. Here are some of my initial ideas:

    – archive redundant forums
    The forum RP games didn’t really take off, so these forums would be closed and archived. There are also a couple of private forums that are not used too. Command Centre and Promethean Command would also be combined into one forum. This woild be the same with TSN Canon development and Division development forums.

    – utilise for transfer requests
    At the moment, this is handled in google, usig sheets and forms. We could change it so that transfer requests are sent via the promethean command forum using a standard template. I think it might be a fun element of RP, like submitting a letter to the CO.

    Adele Mundy

    Combining little-used forums seems like a sensible idea. Adding more RP elements in transfer forms would also be fun.

    Mundy would like to point out that she doesn’t think her personal logs are at all odd; and the Computer backs her up.


    From my point of view, Discord has usurped this as primary means of communcation. And I’m using it more than I ever did this site.


    OK, I have removed a lot of the forums. They were moved to the “Bin” but are still accessible if we want to draw any topics from them.I might rethink that and put them under an “Archive” with them all closed but still publicly available for reference. Moving them to the Bin was the quickest method available though.

    I have also created a new forum called “Commissioned Officers’ Galley”. One of the most successful threads on the forums was “The Bar”, so this should be a place for that to still happen.

    There are two OOC forums – the Mess Hall for general chatter out-of-character, such as the armada updates and general bits of news; and the Division Development forum for starting any discussions about changes, suggestions or general new ideas to develop the Division.

    I have kept the personal logs as I know these are used frequently by a couple of avid officers posting logs (which are always great to read). A sub-forum also includes the Character Development forum as I didn’t want to remove that.

    These changes shift the forum focus to be primarily about in-character discussions and posts. I think this is perhaps the best use of the forums. It has been commented that discussion on discord is much easier out-of-character, and often of a different nature. We’ll definitely still be using discord – it is a quick way for people to discuss things more rapidly – but the type of discussions and pace of them is different, so the forums provide the ability to have longer IC interactions.

    Charles Beaumont

    Is it worth pinning this and linking access to the “Bin”? Currently I can’t find a way to access any of the posts from deleted forums.


    Could we bring back the old Bar posts somehow? I’m really quite proud and fond of that last one with Aramond.


    Perhaps an “Archive” section of the forum, set to read-only?


    Setting up an archive is something I’ll look more if it is the favoured option. Shifting them to the bin was just the quickest option to begin with. They’ll be set as a sub-forum, just closed (I think people can read closed forums).

    Something else I am going to do is change topics across to the new forums. As there were hundreds of topics and each had to be done individually, I was going to shift across those that were requested. The bar topic threads are definately ones I can start with.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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