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I am working on the ship scan descriptions, requested above. Below are the different types and the scan texts, displayed on a second scan of the selected ship. The first two include the text received when comms hails them. The final Hospital ship also includes a change to the normal ship description text, as well as the scan text.

It is very quick an easy to change the description text in the sandbox, so if we want something less obvious, or there are better ideas of how to phrase stuff, post your suggestions below.

Refugee ship:
scan_desc=”Intel – Refugee Marker detected.” hailtext=”TSN vessel, we have refugees aboard and are transporting them to a safe location.”

Contraband detected:
scan_desc=”Intel – Cargohold shielding detected. Unregistered cargo aboard.” hailtext=”What we are transporting is none of your concern. ”

Chemical Leak:
scan_desc=”Intel – Hazardous chemical elements emitting from hull.”

Munitions Hazard:
scan_desc=”Intel – Volatile elements detected.”

Radiation Leak:
scan_desc=”Intel – Radiation hazard detected.”

Additional Life signs:
scan_desc=”Intel – Multiple, unregistered life signs detected.”

No Life signs:
scan_desc=”Intel – No life signs detected aboard vessel.

No cargo:
scan_desc=”Intel – Low mass, cargo hold reading empty.”

Unusual EM Readings:
scan_desc=”Intel – Unidentified EM readings fluctuating in lower bandwidth.”

Unusual Shielding:
scan_desc=”Intel – Advanced shield arrays active. Signature unknown.”

Hospital ship:
desc=”Hospital Ship” scan_desc=”Intel – Medical facilities and personnel aboard.”