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Matthew Vaj

Personal Log, Supplemental [Encrypted Personal Log, ONI]

After the shift, I met with some of the ONI staff to work on some analyses of the alien artifacts we recovered. One was what destroyed the TSN Raven. The other we’ve had for some time; it was found on stardate 9116-2237. It was recovered by the 4LD on during the Schrödinger Incident on 16116, which involved Commander Expree, CO of the TSN Phoenix at the time, firing upon the science vessel assigned to study the artifact. While we were working, one of the other officers mentioned that Section Blue might’ve been involved with eliminating Expree’s sensitivity to the artifact’s psi-field. Of course, there’s no official evidence that Section Blue exists. Every once in awhile you hear a rumor about them, but no one’s been able to prove anything.

We performed a multispectral energy pattern comparison on the two artifacts, and the results were… interesting. Each artifacts’ energy frequency rotates between four different frequencies. One of those frequencies of one artifact match one of the other artifacts’ frequencies, suggesting a close connection between the two. What that connection is, exactly, is still unknown, although we are exhausting every available resource.

In addition, certain officers experienced adverse effects during the test. Symptoms included temporary migraines, deafness, numbness, and blindness. We are working on determining exactly if and how this may be related to the artifacts. Note to self: visit Adele in sickbay again. She was unconscious last time I visited, and the time before that, she seemed delirious. I don’t think she understood a word I said. Although I heard she was on shift… maybe she’s out and about again.

Besides this business with the artifacts, I’ve been working with other ONI personnel to interrogate the prisoners we captured in Volantis on stardate 29717. So far, they are being very uncooperative, which I suppose is to be expected. But the longer they keep their mouths shut, the longer we have to deal with them, and I’m getting tired of Commander Montar rather quickly. Hopefully before too long we’ll get something out of them.