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    Matthew Vaj

    Personal Log, Lieutenant Matthew Vaj, TSN Viper, 2nd Flt, 4th Light Div.
    Stardate 5817-2237

    I caught wind since last shift that Commander van Leigh, my old CO on the Phoenix, had decided to retire soon. Since I wanted to serve under him with the good ol’ Phoenix crew again before he retired, I requested a temporary assignment to the TSN Viper. I’m very grateful to Captain Verok, he was very understanding of the situation. Lt. Nhaima is DO for this cycle, and she managed to get all the remaining old Phoenix crew, except herself, on the Viper, along with Act. Ens. Starry Wisdom, who replaced me as Engineering Officer on Phoenix after I transferred. Lt. Jr. Beaumont has a permanent assignment to Viper, so she couldn’t bring herself to move him elsewhere, and I can’t blame her for that, although they ended up switching later during the shift. Lt. Cmdr. Matsiyan was also with us this shift, and Dante gave up his science station to him.

    Looking back, I had been on the Phoenix from stardate 13616 to 20517. Lt. Cmdr. Dante Zelreich was there when I joined. Cmdr. Exree hadn’t been able to fly with us for some time, so Dante was Acting Captain at the time. Lt. Jr. Braddock requested assignment to Phoenix when I did (back when we were both acting ensigns). He used to be the helmsman, but I think he transferred to R&D, maybe? Eventually, the Fleet Captain decided to assign Commander John van Leigh as captain of Phoenix. Then Rodger Wilcon came aboard, but he transferred elsewhere as well. I don’t remember exactly when Lt. Slate joined, but she’s been on Phoenix awhile. Lt. Nhaima was a more recent addition, she joined on stardate 1417. I’d really enjoyed my time with these people, and when I decided to do a tour of each of the other ships in the division, I expected to rejoin them eventually. When I heard that the captain was planning to retire, I decided to rejoin them sooner than planned. Being back with the captain, Dante, Slate, and Nhaima brought back a lot of memories, which is why I’ve been reminiscing so much. And Starry had been with them since my departure, so it was nice to get to know him a bit better.

    To be honest, I wasn’t focusing on the missions at hand too well. I mean, I was doing my job (back in Engineering), but most of what I remember of the first mission is what I read about in the ONI Report. We installed an upgraded sensor net in the Cerberus System. We had to defend some engineering vessels from attacks, but hostiles were limited. Perhaps the most significant event that I remember was the engineering ship that had an engine malfunction. Back on the Orson, an engine malfunction that directly lead to our departure from the USF…. Now I’m reminiscing about the Orson, because that’s another era I’ll always miss. Captain Johnson was quite a guy. I heard that he died recently – a heart attack. I wish I’d been able to visit the Orson before he died, but no one was expecting it. I’m really glad I was able to serve with van Leigh again.

    Anyway, I do remember the Caltron attack on Promethean. We’d just settled down after the Cerberus mission when we had to scramble to defend the station. While Promethean Command was unscathed, one of the weapons platforms was destroyed, and two shipyards suffered severe damage. Additionally, several officers reported unusual neurological symptoms. In an ONI meeting after the shift, we discussed this, among other things. But I can’t say much more than that here.

    The final mission for the shift was to rendezvous with Zolmari ships in Erebus who were fleeing from some Hegemony fleets. It’s funny, back on the Orson I knew exactly how they feel, having to run and hide from ships who should be friendly. As a USF freighter we had to hide from TSN forces, then as independents we had to hide from a couple of the more… avid USF ships seeking us. In this case, the Zolmari were far more fortunate than the Orson ever was – we managed to seal the Sierra-Erebus gate, preventing the Hegemony fleets from getting through until they regain gate control. That wasn’t possible for the Orson. We didn’t have the man- or firepower for a tactic like that.

    Sometime during this shift, Commander van Leigh decided to retire once the shift was over instead of waiting, which certainly put a damper on the happiness of being together again. The music he pumped into the bridge was much more somber than usual, and I think matched our mood fairly well. It wasn’t exactly sad, because we were together, but I think I speak for the other Phoenix bridge officers when I say that the captain will be missed, if not by the entire division, then at least by us.

    Matthew Vaj

    Personal Log, Supplemental [Encrypted Personal Log, ONI]

    After the shift, I met with some of the ONI staff to work on some analyses of the alien artifacts we recovered. One was what destroyed the TSN Raven. The other we’ve had for some time; it was found on stardate 9116-2237. It was recovered by the 4LD on during the Schrödinger Incident on 16116, which involved Commander Expree, CO of the TSN Phoenix at the time, firing upon the science vessel assigned to study the artifact. While we were working, one of the other officers mentioned that Section Blue might’ve been involved with eliminating Expree’s sensitivity to the artifact’s psi-field. Of course, there’s no official evidence that Section Blue exists. Every once in awhile you hear a rumor about them, but no one’s been able to prove anything.

    We performed a multispectral energy pattern comparison on the two artifacts, and the results were… interesting. Each artifacts’ energy frequency rotates between four different frequencies. One of those frequencies of one artifact match one of the other artifacts’ frequencies, suggesting a close connection between the two. What that connection is, exactly, is still unknown, although we are exhausting every available resource.

    In addition, certain officers experienced adverse effects during the test. Symptoms included temporary migraines, deafness, numbness, and blindness. We are working on determining exactly if and how this may be related to the artifacts. Note to self: visit Adele in sickbay again. She was unconscious last time I visited, and the time before that, she seemed delirious. I don’t think she understood a word I said. Although I heard she was on shift… maybe she’s out and about again.

    Besides this business with the artifacts, I’ve been working with other ONI personnel to interrogate the prisoners we captured in Volantis on stardate 29717. So far, they are being very uncooperative, which I suppose is to be expected. But the longer they keep their mouths shut, the longer we have to deal with them, and I’m getting tired of Commander Montar rather quickly. Hopefully before too long we’ll get something out of them.


    Nicely done.

    Adele Mundy

    // How did I miss this log? Very nice!

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