Reply To: Mission 29517-2237

Zac Turnez

Turnez took a knee and dropped his pack onto the ground. Pulling out a small sensor pack, he began setting up ready to take some readings.

I’ll take some readings close to the source, see what I can gather.

Are there any discernible patterns in the readings? AR: High; DR: Average; Roll: 72; Result: Yes

Can Turnez identify what the readings are? AR: High; DR: Average: Roll: 92; Result: No

Pausing briefly, Turnez frowns at some of the preliminary readings coming through the datapad.

It’ll take a few minutes to gather the required sensor data. There is something familiar about these readings, but I am not sure quite what. It might also be worth collecting some samples from the surrounding area. When we get back on station, we’ll be able to run more complex analysis and cross-referencing of the data using the full TSN library.