Reply To: Mission 29517-2237

Matthew Vaj

Not a mere Matthew, eh?

Vaj snorted and grinned at Matsiyan

I see how it is, Lieutenant Commander. If it’s not an external source that’s causing issues, there must be a nearby source of radiation that caused the failures.

Vaj set up his portable sensor equipment in an attempt to isolate the source.

Does he detect anything that could have caused the failures? AR-Above Average, DR-Average, Roll-57, Result-Yes

The sensor equipment almost immediately picked up on some very strange readings relatively close to the away team’s location. The data showed focused EM radiation spiking at intervals of approximately twenty seconds. Additional analysis revealed that the radiation appeared to be emanating from a single point, and the radiation beam rotated from the source like the light from a lighthouse.

Sirs, there’s some anomolous readings about 400 meters west of our location! Should we investigate?

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