Reply To: Mission 29517-2237

Zac Turnez

Turnez sees the overloaded weapon clatter to the ground and burst into flames. Glancing over his shoulder, he just about sees Nhaima’s head on the top of the shuttle. Turnez pulls his attention back to track the vulture-like creature, swooping back at them. He dives to the left as it swoops past, rolling on to one knee and turning about the see the creature climbing again ready to circle round. Taking careful aim with his pistol, he thumbs the safety catch and fires a volley of rounds in its direction.

Does Turnez’s fire strike the creature? DR: Above Average; AR: Above Average; Roll: 6; Result: E. Yes => Critical Hit!

The shots strike the creature and it tumbles to the ground. It writhes violently, and cries with the pain from the hits. Keeping his pistol trained on the target, Turnez calls to the others.

Target down! Nhaima, are you injured?