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// I think Rodger must be older than 17. Depending on the courses you take we worked out that Academy takes 2-4 years. If you were already TSN enlisted crew with relevant qualifications maybe you could get through in an absolute minimum of 18 months.

So for a student, however smart and well educated, I have trouble imagining they would allow them to start the final qualifying period of officer training before their 18th birthday and would insist on more than the bare minimum of instruction to ensure not only competence in a primary bridge role but also enough maturity for the responsibility. People change dramatically between the ages of 18 and 21. So I think it would be really incredible for someone to be eligible for their Ensign exam before their 20th birthday even if they started attending Academy instruction at 16 for schoolwork.

Any other opinions out there? I know that historical military officers were younger but am having trouble imagining that in the USFP.

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