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O.N.I. Contextual footnote from the encyclopaedia

The Torgoth homeworld is a massive, rocky planet with relatively low density. Despite its colossal size the planet has lower gravity than Earth. This has yielded a spacefaring race with twice the height, four times the mass, and ten times the radiation resistance of a human.

Though they vaguely resemble bipedal elephants, Torgoth biology is closer to dinosaurs than any other Earth creature. The Torgoth are supreme in hand-to-hand combat, with the ability to kill a human by simply stepping on him.

The Torgoth government is a representative democracy, much like the USFP. The Torgoth also have a diplomatic system similar to the USFP; however, those within power are considered warmongers who continue to wage war with other alien races in order to maintain their control.
Torgoth ships are as massive as the Torgoth beings. The smallest Torgoth ship weighs almost twice as much as the largest TSN vessel. Nevertheless, high G forces are deadly to Torgoth, so their ships only make the most gentle maneuvers.

Torgoth enjoy slaughtering space whales for sport and will sometimes break off a pursuit to chase a whale. If a Torgoth slaughters a space whale, all Arvonians who witness the act will immediately withdraw from battle to report that their ally has committed an atrocity.