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    [O.N.I. decoded first draft translation of files recovered from the black box of Torgoth command ship DSF Neutronium-Hoof]

    Personal Log, High-Leader-of-Many-Great-Packs Gothmog Yogozuthna, Skullflattener, Blooddrinker

    Stardate: 1417-2237

    The chance-rock is in motion. Which side settles upmost is beyond my control.

    The blood-drinking is done. All are agreed that skulking in the nebula-of-chaos can serve us no longer. The larder-of-corpses is almost empty. This will not be easy. The Terran tree-climbers have spread the metal-and-lightning eyes-ears-and-noses in many sectors. But perhaps their guard is falling. They have found no more eaters-of-monkeys in the system. They are bored by the longslow-wanderers smelling the giant-rock-of-life. We may stamp-on-their-neck.

    We will cross into the sector of their fuel-making-place as fast as we can. They will be alerted but with the interference we can smear on their senses and the advanced systems of our Skaraan dogs-for-scraps, we hope it will be too late.

    The fastest Skaraans will race to the gate sector and attempt to hold the jump-portal until reinforcements arrive. They have copies of the warning and if they arrive but cannot hold, then one will risk the jump alone and trust to their cloaking to get it delivered. If they fail they will retreat to the fuel sector, lead the Terrans to their brethren and look for chances to sneak past.

    The remaining Skaraans will snarl at the throat of the fuel-making-place and its simian-food-beasts. When the TSN metal-hunters-of-prey enter the sector, they will surely race to save it. As soon as they are well away from the sector border, we shall break from concealment in the densest part of the nebula and race to the sector-of-the-gate.

    The monkey-shells are hard, their lightning-claws-of-war are sharp and they run faster than a near-death Fledge, but we must try to warn the Kralien priest-lords of the heretic splinter siding with the squatters. That is sure to provoke more glorious warfare where otherwise they will step back from collecting their rent for several cycles and the fruit-of-killing-preparations will be less.

    Despite our strength and power, many of us will die and they will be especially eager to smash Neutronium-Hoof.

    Hang my bone-trophies in the hall of my fathers-and-brothers and tell them I faced the final challenge with ready hooves.

    Glory to the Fathers!
    [End log]

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    O.N.I. Contextual footnote from the encyclopaedia

    The Torgoth homeworld is a massive, rocky planet with relatively low density. Despite its colossal size the planet has lower gravity than Earth. This has yielded a spacefaring race with twice the height, four times the mass, and ten times the radiation resistance of a human.

    Though they vaguely resemble bipedal elephants, Torgoth biology is closer to dinosaurs than any other Earth creature. The Torgoth are supreme in hand-to-hand combat, with the ability to kill a human by simply stepping on him.

    The Torgoth government is a representative democracy, much like the USFP. The Torgoth also have a diplomatic system similar to the USFP; however, those within power are considered warmongers who continue to wage war with other alien races in order to maintain their control.
    Torgoth ships are as massive as the Torgoth beings. The smallest Torgoth ship weighs almost twice as much as the largest TSN vessel. Nevertheless, high G forces are deadly to Torgoth, so their ships only make the most gentle maneuvers.

    Torgoth enjoy slaughtering space whales for sport and will sometimes break off a pursuit to chase a whale. If a Torgoth slaughters a space whale, all Arvonians who witness the act will immediately withdraw from battle to report that their ally has committed an atrocity.

    Adele Mundy

    I’d better start chatting with Chef Anatole to improve my colloquial Torgoth, now that I can hold a reasonably insulting conversation in Kralien. Still, this first auto translate version, courtesy of Lt.Sr. Matsiyan, is quite illuminating.

    //TSN-GoogleTranslate has made great improvements since the 21st century, but still needs work.

    Blaze Strife

    //Gothmog, ha! I enjoyed reading the Torgoth’s log. Really well and alien written.

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