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Tuor Elanesse

Permission granted marine!Glad to see you with us. Hope you can find opportunities that will broaden your expertise and chances to prove yourself on a battlefield.

Said, commander with his hand movements, without talking.

We are going to the center of the base. Let s move!

Again there was no sound but hand movments.

Are there any locked doors on our way?
AR: Average DR: Average Roll:4 Result: Exceptional Yes!

//Well, fuck me right? who am i to judge fate 😀

Blast! where is that door came from? It must be 50 cm thick and made of titanium-adamantium alloy. Blaze we need to get through! do your thing!

Is there a security patrol nearby we can notice?
AR: Average DR: Average Roll:46 Result: Yes

Well, we need to be quick! I am hearing a patrol coming right on our position. Try as much as you can without breaking the door and be quick about it! Rodger, we ll cover him.