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    Zac Turnez

    CONTACT! Readings indicate we are latched to the hull, location – access point designation 00-952. We’ll need to bypass security protocols to gain access. There should be a panel on the outer door that we can use.

    Blaze Strife

    Let me go first.

    Blaze opens the shuttle’s door, and latches himself onto the hull of the Kraelien station. Fumbling with his hands in the armored suit, he pulls out his datapad and some cables, and connecting the pad to the panel on the outer door.

    Soon, lights can be seen flicking and changing on the panel.

    Can I hack the panel to open the door without setting off alarms?
    AR: Above Average, DR: Above Average, Roll: 28, Result: Yes.

    After a few minutes, the door sighs and slowly opens.

    I’ve managed to open the door without setting off alarms. That doesn’t mean they won’t notice the door being opened in some other way, it just means the alarm won’t sound of.

    Tuor Elanesse

    Commander dived in just after the security officer. He wondered if there is a security console nearby to get the map of the installation. He looked around to get his bearings.

    Is there a security console nearby?

    Damn it! we need to improvise then. I hope the main ship supply us some intel about the plans so that we can get to our aim faster.

    Am I hearing voices nearby?

    Alright be careful! we ll go silent. Drop down from the pod slowly. I am hearing sound from one of the rooms down to the hall.

    What are the Kralians saying?
    AR: High
    DR: Average

    I do not get what are they saying! Sounds like they are murmuring or praying probably.

    Zac Turnez

    Dropping quietly from the entry point, Turnez crouches close to the wall and raises his Pulser to cover the corridor. He scans the area, confirming the Commander’s observation that no consoles are nearby.

    I suggest moving towards the centre of the station. There are likely to be more terminals linked to secondary computer cores there. Though they won’t give us access to the main computer core, but we might be able to get a map and narrow down possible locations.

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    Rodger Wilcon

    Racing through the entry point, and tripping on a ledge, Wilcon fall ungracefully on the floor, sporting a pulser held the wrong direction, and a data pad holding the information of the helm controls of different races.

    Sir, permission to join party? I don’t want the spend all day at the helm seat.

    Finally notices the business end of the pulser facing towards him, and corrects the possibly dangerous fact.


    Tuor Elanesse

    Permission granted marine!Glad to see you with us. Hope you can find opportunities that will broaden your expertise and chances to prove yourself on a battlefield.

    Said, commander with his hand movements, without talking.

    We are going to the center of the base. Let s move!

    Again there was no sound but hand movments.

    Are there any locked doors on our way?
    AR: Average DR: Average Roll:4 Result: Exceptional Yes!

    //Well, fuck me right? who am i to judge fate 😀

    Blast! where is that door came from? It must be 50 cm thick and made of titanium-adamantium alloy. Blaze we need to get through! do your thing!

    Is there a security patrol nearby we can notice?
    AR: Average DR: Average Roll:46 Result: Yes

    Well, we need to be quick! I am hearing a patrol coming right on our position. Try as much as you can without breaking the door and be quick about it! Rodger, we ll cover him.

    Fish Evans

    is the TSN Aura able to comunitate with the party and the partys Electronics?

    AR: Average DR:Above Average Roll:13 Result:Yes

    Captain Evans to away party, TSN Aura is standing by to assist with data cross link to our main computer at this time. Please note that the deeper you go the less usefull this link will likely become. The Oposeing force is not currently jamming us however.

    //so if you check for signal strength at each interation point with electronics with the dificulty incressing each time you can use my skill rateings for encryption, programing etc. If I havnet responded for a bit.

    am I familure enough with this design of instulation to surgest a route form the other side of the door?

    AR:High DR: Above Average Roll:18 Result: Yes

    We’ve been reviewing your sensor data, the installation appears to be followng some standard plans, past the door ahead you should find a T Corridor, the left will take you to a storage area with a mantiance tube leading towards the inner core – its likely to be booby traped. The right will take you to a small security station where you should find a terminal and access to the facilitys Outer Core.

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    Rodger Wilcon

    Runs to the door quietly and observes the door.

    Can I disable the electronic lock on the door, and enable it once we are on the other side?

    AR: Average DR: Average Roll: 29 Result: Yes

    One second, I’ve got the lock, now the door.

    Can I force open the door open?

    AR: Average DR: Below Average Roll: 49 Result: Yes

    Thank god for the protocol that makes door easy to open without power. OK, lets get through.

    Squeezes through the open door, and levels pulser with the corridor in front of the door.

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