Reply To: N'tani


Fish, thank you. If I ever knew that, I had forgotten. The N’tari were already a known presence when I started my service with the TSN. I am sure that Mundy will enjoy writing this up for the Encyclopaedia.

This resonates on a number of levels. The living ship reminds me of Moya’s “Pilot” in Farscape. The loss of the homeworld vaguely reminds me of the Narn in Babylon 5. So we have tapped a rich vein here. The Liaden turtle-like “Clutch” clan that appear in the books are growers of crystal knives of unbelievable perfection. They would be utterly disgraced if one of their knives were damaged in anything less than a starship destruction. They can indeed pierce steel.

Maybe because I am sleep deprived, that seems to echo with the discussion of combat blades in the other thread at the moment.

Also the planet in the current Forum RP in Sector V, has several Space Monsters nearby and a very strange collection of anomalies in the asteroid belt. I thought Tuor was going too far in some of his fiction, but that does indeed suggest that this sector would be better suited to the N’tari than anyone else. The presence of so many monsters makes one wonder whether the N’tari were already involved in some way.

I feel the sleep-aids kicking in. So I am headed back to bed. Have a great shift tomorrow. Sorry I shall miss it!