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Fish Evans

Just wanted to thow in a few devices that have been mentioned in previous missions.

Quantom Entangled Comms Unit
A rare and one time use device that can send up to 2 charectors instintantiously across any distance to the pair of the unit. Typicaly found on command posts in order to send disaster level comunucations to Core Systems. Most of command bases in the 2nd Fleet area are paired with devices held at Port Arthur the nearest Core System. They are typicaly held in the command center embeded into the desk of the Senior System Officer. Due to the limited bandwidth and one time use nature of the device a complex encodeing system is used. The Tech level of such devices is relitivly low so most species have a similer device, they are however energy intensive to make. There is no known method of blocking or jamming such a transmision, nor intercepting it. The device is man portable but not usable unless connected to a station level reactor to power it.