Reply To: Mission: 19217-2237


With the creature running toward the shuttle, Quinn quickly looks around for any plant-life the creature might be interested in eating, as Tuor suggested. He finds a vibrantly colored “fruit” the size of his fist and runs back to the shuttle to take the sedatives from Tuor. He cuts a small hole in the rind and shoves them in, then throws the “fruit” in the direction of the approaching beast.

Is the animal interested in the “fruit?” AR:Average DR:Average Roll=72, No

Crap. It’s not taking the bait, sir. Maybe…

Does Quinn have time to try the trick again before the beast gets too close?AR:Average DR:Average Roll=4, Exceptional Yes!

The beast begins to slow its pace, but is still distinctly headed toward the ship. Quinn rushes to a storage hatch in the shuttle, pulls a ration pack out of a stowed container and rips open the packaging. He reshapes the malleable bar of glucose and vitamins around the sedatives and throws it.

Is the animal interested this time? AR:Average DR:Average Roll=85, No

It’s not working, sir, I think we’re going to need a plan B!