Reply To: Mission: 19217-2237

Blaze Strife

Responing to Commander Tuor Let me exit the shuttle first, sir. And I don’t think it’s a great idea to walk in a single file. We’ve all received at least basic combat training, and some of us much more, so I’d suggest we spread out a bit, keeping a distance of 5 to 10 meters between us, sir. That way we can cover more ground, explore the nearby area more efficiently, and stay on our guard for a threat that could eliminate us all if we stood closely together.

Walks over to the window and looks outside.

Are there any non-stationary-plant lifeforms outside? AR = Average, DR = Average, Roll = 27, Result = Yes.

Are there any lifeforms that look threatening? AR = Below Average, DR = Average, Roll = 1, Result = Exceptional yes. //… shit …

Suddenly, Blaze says loudly Wow and voiddammit! That horned beast looks like it wants to have candle lit dinner with us. It’s just that we’re the dinner.

Turning to Tuor, again Sir I’m not sure our pulse rifles will be able to do anything to that thing out there. I suggest we fly to another location. And fly over it a bit this time, so we can see if there’s another one of those. Or… looks through the window into the sky we can ask Verok to send a torpedo down here.