Reply To: Mission: 19217-2237


Zac shoulders a portable sensor pack, linking up his datapad to the sensor feed.

Nhaima, the quicker you can get that drone to altitude, the better. I can create a data link to it and monitor pressure changes in the atmosphere. It’ll take time to get up to max altitude, but the more data we can get the better.

Keying some commands into his data pad, Zac begins setting up the required link. As it cycles, he enters more commands, pulling up sensor readings and mapping of the local area.

Are there any suitable points to deploy the atmospheric monitoring station within a few hours walking distance? AR-Average; DR-Average: Roll-50; Result-Yes

Is the location in the same direction as the planet side event? AR-Average; DR-Average; Roll-23; Result-No

Zac points to some hills ahead.

On the summit of one of those hills should be ideal to set up the station. According to these readings, the it’ll take us an hour or so to cover the distance. The terrain looks pretty even so should make for easy going. Its not quite along our track to the event on the coast, but from there, we should get a good view over towards it.