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Blaze Strife

On the other hand, I’ve decided not to take part in these posts. I apologize for the inconvenience this may have caused, but I find it really hard to write a post. I’ve tried multiple times now, have thought about it extensively, and didn’t come up with anything I like.

The main problem I have with it is the vagueness of our whole RP. It’s the same reason why I stopped writing the story/logs. I love our RP, but I just cannot bring myself to act via forum in an environment I know nothing about. It’s different when we play on Saturdays because most of the RP elements we have there are known: the crew, the ship, the rank structure, the positions of each crew member, etc. But to play these forum missions, I approach them the same way I approach pen-and-paper campaigns: I want to ask many questions about the world and have a lot of it prepared in advance. Matsiyan’s questions about the N’tani are a good start, but I wonder about the shuttle, the details of the mission, our team’s structure, the planet, the dangers around it (since Xavier mentioned I could focus on security), etc.

Since I currently have other pressing issues to deal with in my real life, I don’t want to be stressed out by something like this, as well. Again, I apologize. I will continue reading about the mission, but I cannot bring myself to post in-character content to it.

P.S. I thought Quinn’s answer was supposed to be “Yes” because I’m into GURPS at the moment, so I forgot that big numbers are good and small ones bad, not the other way around. Sorry.