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Blaze Strife

Thank you all for answering and sharing your opinion. I am genuinely interested in them. Would love to see more.

First I’ll respond to Vaj’s question, because I think it can help you understand why I’ve created this topic.

I love RP because it allows me to live more than one life. Kind of like playing video games and reading books does, but RP enhances the immersion and allows me to choose how a character behaves and (re)acts. My character in TSN is quite similar to my real self, since that makes it easier to be consistent from week to week.

As for the Phoenix…

Ever since that friendly-fire incident occured, I’m always very careful when Phoenix approaches Viper, which is quite often since we’re usually in the same battle group. Van Leigh is unpredictable enough that I’m never quite sure what’ll he do.
The name tags are something we can see on the TeamSpeak, and I’ve RP-ed as if the TeamSpeak is the crew log we transmit to each other, or receive before the mission. That’s why I’ve considered them important for the RP, but have lately started simply shrinking the Phoenix’s TS channel, so I don’t see the changes.

A punishment for Slate not stating her rank that I had in mind was simply something like asking her to do so, maybe demoting her for an hour if she doesn’t, or something like that; nothing serious or threatening. Still, if she’s not here for the RP, none of that will have any benefit, and it could annoy her.

I do see that different crews will have different levels of RP, since not even I think it’s a good idea to force the RP on anyone. Xavier did say RP should be our general focus, so I just hope more crews will take to RP and that there would be some RP consequences for certain actions.

Another thing. In the final simulation of the last duty shift, Tuor noticed I’m no longer engaged in the conversation, even though I continued following orders as a Weapons officer. This was due to everything that occured on the ship up to that point, all of which increased the suspension of RP, step by step. When the RP gets demolished in that way, I lose interest in playing.