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Fish Evans

Blaze, you are a good officer, I like you, still do after reading that. But I will point out that perhapse you need to take a few steps back .. walk around and look at a few other angles as well. let me go through and hit a few of the points you have raised…

Do we punish van Leigh for all he’s been doing? The repeated changing of names of all officers on TSN Phoenix, the friendly fire on simulations, and other general annoyances.

so you have noticed the Phoenix is a much more non RP ship, you know what aside from when it starts messing up other ships deliberiatly. thats fine all those people changing names… well they all did it… that kind of indicates they are all in on it.. and well thats by design. if there are no complaints from the ship, and no reasonable complaints about the ship hurting the RP of others then I see no issue. the deliberate FF thing? unless there has been a more recent issue Mr Leigh made a public appolige about it to the group and thats that.

and by reasonalbe I mean can you really see a name tag through two ship hulls and 1000’s of units of space? im not about to let that worry me.

Do we punish Slate for never stating her rank?

No, considering the numorus F’ups that happen every rollcall besides at this point. besides you can RP around that nooooooooo problem. (shes under orders, its tradition)

Do we punish Allard for behaving the way he does? Performing Allard manouvers, picking up mines and endagering the crew, ignoring DO’s instructions.

There are more facets to this particular issue then is widely known. All I will say is that he was the XO of Horizon, a position he more then earned at the time. this is not likely to change in the med term.

Do we require from every Commander to be reevaluated after taking a long break?

Yes Tour was a CO, hes acting as an XO to get up to speed – we hope. we have also been considering a number of options around this – you may of noticed a few people with differnt colours behind the rank insgnia from time to time. we havent decided on a system as of yet. and indeed what it will mean. nobody is getting demoted with out cause and lets face it. a situation where a hypathetical senior officer is premoted past the point of compitance? that happens allll the time in the real world. I dont see why we should not have our own share.

Also, if a senior officer doesn’t feel like being CO or XO for a particular shift, that person can always RP as another character of a lower rank.

Yes they can, and yes they do, they also as any good CO or XO do is step back and evaluate lower ranks and give them a chance to show there own guises and issues give them a chance to grow. has this been happening a lot over the last few mounths? you bet theres CO and XO slots that have been opening for a while. I didnt just decide to leave as the Horizons CO overnight my intentions where layed out before we even hit December. and I am fairly sure we aint done with the changes yet.


The past is a strange place, there once was a group that split from the TSN. ths split was on idelogical ground and basicly was RP over “beating artemis”. the group that split away “Beat” the game pretty much over the couse of the year and disbanded. Artemis is not too hard a game. the TSN is still here becuase we RP, becuase we impose limitations on what we will and will not allow, and due to its wide appeal.

the Intel department make missions and campaignes to be played and enjoyed by a wide audiance, if that audiance becomes too small the joy of creation and shareing that powers it will drain away – or at least will for me, im not spending 2 – 20 hours a week on making a one shot mission for 5 or even 10 peeps. The artemis community is not big nuff for us to be too picky about the people we play with. I think in the whole histroy of the TSN we have kicked out about 3 people. and one was becuase he was DDoSing the server.

I will end this with a quick note.. I am not well right now. I am up late and I might regret a few of the things I have put in here – or worded them more harshly then I intended. hell theres a part of me saying I should not post here at all.. still I have and am. and I genuinly hope to see every person in this thread and mentioned in this thread next shift when im hopefuly not trying to cough my lungs up.