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//@admin That might be a decent thing to do. Artemis is clearly inspired by Star Trek yet the way TSN operates I’d always taken it to be a military organization first and foremost as opposed to Starfleet which just kind of works that way in case it’s needed but isn’t “technically” standing military.

// By no means am I criticizing anyone with the log nor am I intending to start a conflict. It seemed yesterday that we might have very easily just agreed to do the “right” thing rather than the “expeditious” thing. Given how I wrote my backstory and everything else, I didn’t mind trying to present the argument on the other side even if I think more naturally as a player I would tend towards cooperation. If multiple options aren’t being advocated for, then the people who choose peace aren’t really having to choose between anything. The log, then, is presented as a very subjective view on the situation after the fact from a very fallible, biased, and still somewhat new member of the 4th Light Division. My intent in-game and afterwards was to represent that opposition in a way that was still conducive to everyone’s enjoyment without being disruptive. Since I was weapons officer aboard Raven, I could have locked and fired ordinance at any time but that didn’t seem like a reasonable in-character choice nor did it seem like that would have lead to a positive out-of-game circumstance for everyone involved.

// Also, props to whoever came up with that mission idea. I’m quite a fan of anything that elevates the game from simply being a combat simulator though as a cooperative experience I enjoy the combat simulation quite a bit. Especially if, like yesterday’s, there isn’t necessarily always an obvious or “right” answer.