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False Trueman

I woke up about 10 seconds later, with the ship I was on, the Hunter, seeming to be perfectly fine.
Then the fun started.

I don’t know how we did it. Our ship came round the back of the lines and tore through the Caltron ships, with Senaries having no weapons and the Primaries dust. I felt like I was one with the manual systems – they and I were a single being.
Our engineer was a god – throughout the fight our shields never dipped below 25%. My beams seemed to rip through enemies like Chuck Norris swims through land.
And our comms officer… somehow got half the Caltrons to surrender. One being barely scratched by a chance homing.
Even as we fought, science was scanning away, getting frequencies so fast it was like he could see the future.
This was truly how it felt to be part of a first-class crew of TSN.

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