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    False Trueman

    It was difficult out there at first.
    I was on a new ship, with new people, and new things to learn. Of course, as a cadet, I was getting used to that.
    But I was assigned weapons – one station that I knew I could handle.
    So there I was. My second favorite station on a ship that was confident, thinking I could happily nuke everything in range.

    Boy, was I wrong.

    It started with the targetting. About 3 different people were talking at once and “Aim at Alpha six-seven” was lost in “Power to shields and beams” and “Frequency Bravo Bravo”. I fumbled, managed to swap to manual, clicked the wrong ship, and forgot to raise the shields.
    We were hammered.
    The last thing I heard before I blacked out was, “Beams at 0%, rear shield down, front shield at 0%, heavy damage to hallways.”

    False Trueman

    I woke up about 10 seconds later, with the ship I was on, the Hunter, seeming to be perfectly fine.
    Then the fun started.

    I don’t know how we did it. Our ship came round the back of the lines and tore through the Caltron ships, with Senaries having no weapons and the Primaries dust. I felt like I was one with the manual systems – they and I were a single being.
    Our engineer was a god – throughout the fight our shields never dipped below 25%. My beams seemed to rip through enemies like Chuck Norris swims through land.
    And our comms officer… somehow got half the Caltrons to surrender. One being barely scratched by a chance homing.
    Even as we fought, science was scanning away, getting frequencies so fast it was like he could see the future.
    This was truly how it felt to be part of a first-class crew of TSN.

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    //Sounds like you had fun!

    Blaze Strife

    //Great description!

    //One small suggestion: naming the crew you were with seems to please people, so you might want to add that in future logs. 🙂

    False Trueman

    // Yeah, my bad for not remembering the names :/ Else I would have


    // my cheat is to take a screenshot of teamspeak and paste it into my notes. Most missions – when I’m not so stressed I forget. I have a couple of notes from the shift but I do not see your name.

    False Trueman

    // was only there for start, probably why

    Blaze Strife

    //Did you just change your name to False Trueman?

    False Trueman

    // bout six hours, ago, an oxymoron seemed fitting

    Matthew Vaj

    // If you were wondering, referencing my own screenshot, it looks like the Hunter had the following crew:
    Lt. Cmdr. Aramond
    Lt. Sr. Hall
    Ens. Beaumont
    Cdt. Royce
    Cdt. Trueman

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    //Funny thing is that our engineer on that run, Cdt. Royce, is my RL roommate. I’m debating if I should tell him about the “god” comment. XD

    Matthew Vaj

    // Man, wish I could get some of my roommates to play with us.

    Blaze Strife

    // @aramond We could always just mention him here and let him read it on his own. 😀 Is this him?

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