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Ah now I understand the purpose of the AI. Of course it makes perfect sense that security would be very tight and need to know only.

//However, as a GM, most of the game groups I have experience with have found that having ‘open secrets’ considerably helps the players’ investment with the story. Most of them have no problem pretending not to know and relish understanding what is truly at stake in the story and will often act in ways to bolster the story.

What is true to the ‘real world’ of the story is often not as much fun to play. This is why I doubt that I will ever attempt to play Eve Online for example.

Another excuse in our fiction might be that bridge officers are actually accorded a very high security level and are expected to act in the best interests of the USFP with all the knowledge they have.

From a meta-game point of view, there is in fact no opportunity for the players to betray those secrets because they have no means of communicating with enemy agents or sympathizers. Though it might be fun to assume that inter-ship communications are not safe and restrict the language that command and comms officers can use.//