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Fish Evans

Marine Casualtys! I knew there was something missing.

Thanks for compiling this. I edited the report just for spelling and punctuation. Are you looking for a narrative of the ebb and flow of the incursion or just keeping it to a butcher’s bill?

Im looking to make it a summery of events, I will start adding in some of the Mission briefings to it today so we end up with a record of events.

I assume that Damage Control casualties are in fact injured with far fewer fatalities,

I have always rather assumed that the the DC Casualty notification is of a injury that stops the DC member from being able to continue work and that whilst there are deaths the number is a small fraction of the notifications.

I do not recognize many of the names above. Were they mentioned during the shifts or is this the first mention?

The Lt-Generals where not mentioned in Briefing other then one – Hatloth. However they all (with the exception of the N’tari diplomat due to a technical issue) where available for Science to report on in the form of the ships scans on the various command ships, sounds like the various Science officers felt the information was not relivent to pass on or more likely the bridge had to much going on already. some of the missions where extremely busy. Howerver it does explain why the Pirate Commodore escaped unchallenged to fight another day!

The Atlantia Has a few AI’s aparently and they lent one to us for those missions (Personaly I found that point a bit … huh? my self).