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Hello, Fish.
Thanks for compiling this. I edited the report just for spelling and punctuation. Are you looking for a narrative of the ebb and flow of the incursion or just keeping it to a butcher’s bill?
I would be interested to know which stations were occupied and recaptured. Were there any Marine casualties? I assume that Damage Control casualties are in fact injured with far fewer fatalities, because I think I have personally seen 50-60 DC casualties in the course of the campaign on only the vessels I served with.

I have to say that the briefings tend to go by incredibly quickly before missions and I often find myself with a very poor understanding of what we were trying to do and what we actually achieved. I do not recognize many of the names above. Were they mentioned during the shifts or is this the first mention? Specifically I do not recall hearing the names of the Torgoth Lt.-Generals, the diplomat, the Commodore or the pirate. This could just prove that I am a rather stressed out junior officer 🙂

Also, the above makes me assume I misunderstood the task force sent to retrieve The Weapon. Were there in fact both a “Starship grade AI, the Infinity” and the Supercarrier “Atlantia”? I had conflated them into a single vessel. This explains why the Atlantia turned up again this week.