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Well, a good example is what is happening currently on the Bar thread. It would be useful I think to have some actions to try to unravel the puzzle. It would take some of the guess work out of it, give us a “universal jargon” to use that we all understand, and open up the possibility to know what to do. At the moment we kind of guess and make it up as we go along. We all end up coming up with something different and tend to pull in different directions.

SPOILER ALERT (kind of…but won’t really give anything away, just the magic of discovery/ the mechanics in the background)

Consider the sensor data analysis that we are currently trying to figure out. I already know what the information is… but I want you guys to try and figure it out. Your level of success (i.e. if you completely ruin it, the data will be lost and we’ll have no idea about the nebula. If you get it right, I can give the hints about what is there… of course, Fish being Fish, he hasn’t actually told me the exact answer, so I know the potential options to narrow it down)