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Well, I am thinking we need to look at particular areas, as you suggested. My first thoughts are things like computer programming. You always hear engineers in ST talking about algorithms being run to do this, that and the other. So we could come up with names for algorithms that do particular things, or programs that find particular information etc.

I was also thinking of stuff to do with sensors and data analysis, so actions you can take to do a specific job. Like filtering out interference patterns somehow, or putting the data through different analysis tools in order to find a solution.

Basically, we’d be making a toolbox to pick from. You could pick something to do to try and figure the problem out, then the success depends upon your levels of expertise. Of course, there would be scope to come up with variations of the same thing, but we need a basic set to begin with to build on.

Does this sound like a good idea? Initially it might feel a bit restrictive, but as we get to grips with it we should be able to branch it out into a whole vocabulary and set of different tools to use. Whatever you specialization is, you’ll likely study what you have ‘access’ to (i.e. would be most successful using), flicking through other options from other specialties, but focusing primarily on your own set to learn.