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Oh, so it wasn’t just the one who’s big on meta-gaming? No wonder you all had that um, split. Before my time though.
Sorry to bring it up, as I’m sure it’s going to be a weird transition for all involved.

Back to the audio! Damn, that’s right impressive. Who knew you could get people to sit in a chat room and debate…oh, right it’s the internet.

You know I just realised it’s perhaps better I’m not there ‘in-character’. There’s no way I could do my character voice as I portray it in the stories. And unless they’ve read them, someone listening to it for the first time with no ‘backstory’, would think it’s an audio glitch or something. Talk about distracting, there’s a reason I don’t do it for the duty shift.

Now my question for this: Do you have an in-character running name/title for these audio clips? (Instead of Logs obviously.)
It sounds (ha!) to me as if these are going to be informal officer-lounge talks amongst whatever TSN members are present? Or are these formal strategy meetings?
Just something to think about, if ‘audio logs’ doesn’t make sense, since they aren’t duty/personal logs.