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Hoi Hall and Xavier.

Hope I didn’t ‘snub’ you after the duty shift was over with your audio request.
Not into personal drama (Heh, there’s another un-intentional pun.), especially my own, so I had to take my leave on the double-quick.
Something about one of these former USN returnees was agitating me on the Hydra. I think I recommended he “take the nearest airlock out” at one point, when he was complaining about how long it was taking to escort that final ship, and had to be places. Hope he was joking…but I wasn’t. Bad of me. But he was bragging and talking like a know-it-all. Childish.

So, I feel the need to explain myself up-front as I don’t mind being open and giving out too much information.

Brace yourselves for said TMI:
If you couldn’t tell, I’m what used to be called an Aspie (Asperger’s, what a horrid name. Ass Burger?), or what’s now just a high functioning Autistic. Since July, I’ve been off my meds as an ongoing University of Washington-sponsored experiment to see if I can function without them for six months. (Survey says: Hell No. Duh. But they need evidence.)

Anyways, this is making me extremely bad at talking and doing social stuff with too many people most times.
Now I’m just back to being somewhat quiet and hyper-observant. A far cry from the July highs I had.
Being asked to be the Duty Officer last week was a panic attack (especially with having been in PAX with so many people), so I decided best to not push my luck with more talking around people, for your project this week. With the ex-USN people blabbing on and on, I can only take so many hours of people listening/talking, before I need alone time for instance.

See, too much information. *eye roll*
This is why I’m sticking to writing. Until I get my personal psycho stuff situated, it’s the only format I can effectively communicate, unless I get on the piss.
Should be right as rain when I get back on my meds in January. The things I do for mental health studies. Ugh.

With that rubbish out of the way; I’d love to listen to whatever comes out of the audio recordings. Hope it went alright.
Wanted to be there, but um, yeah. Stuff above sucks for socialising, and I can’t really hide it as I’ve noticed my regression into anxiety-bloke, temporarily.