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I must admit, I have stubbornly stuck to using 2236. I am considering officially advancing the year now though, however the Intel department did go ahead and change it already (but not on the official side!)

As for posting them up; the first load you wrote I wanted to have the time to take a look over them before putting them up to make sure what we put out officially is of a good quality and doesn’t cause conflict with current canon and ideas. The same rules have always applied. There have been people in the past who wanted to turn up for a couple of shifts and basically write the whole law for the USFP – you may have spotted such stuff on the artemis forums – doing things their way and not serving a real purpose or following any kind of guide lines (or coordinating with others). Looking over everything you’ve written its spot on with some great details, and the patience you’ve had is a real credit. I like the way you are asking questions and checking in with ideas to discuss. It really stimulates new ideas and discussions, and this will be key in growing this department. The consistency of your writing is excellent too (you’ve kept it up for more than just a couple of posts).

I started looking into how to tailor user permissions to allow people to post their writing without me having to do it, and when I have some spare time will get it all set up and tested properly. This process that we have used here will be the same we use for new people to our department though. Now you’ve been through it, I’ll be looking for support and encouragement when we get newer people (particularly though who may need more time before having full permissions to post). I firmly believe it will mean everything we are producing and sending out will be really high quality and engaging for anyone who reads it.