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Understood FCap’n. I’d post these myself, if I were able. Not keen on someone else having to do something for me, when they have heaps more to do. Especially for a volunteer game. I reckon I’ve got the hang of the number stardates now, thanks to your information. Been rather dodgy with them before.

Oh, that does lead to my big question for the week: What year is it exactly? I noticed the few stories on the ‘official forum’ from 2014 dated 2236 and ones from Feb/Mar ’15 dated 2237. I was using 2237 as my template. So, I logically concluded it’s a year for a year transition. But it’s sounding as if not. (Always bothers me when a year doesn’t change for say like 3+ years of real life time. Stuff happens, times change.)
Stardate: 9115.2237
Duty Log, Lieutenant junior Solari, TSN Hydra BC-016, 4th LD

Didn’t believe I was going to be putting this ship name on my logs for a long time, if ever again. TSN Engineers are, what is the phrase, sorcerous workers? Whatever it is, instead of facing the wrath of her Captain, I was instead, back aboard her bridge, albeit in shambles. Some quick thinking Destroyer commander had tractor beamed the salvageable wreck before the pirates could swarm upon her hull. To whomever that was, my personal thanks. I’m liking those destroyers more and more.

Back to the Hydra though. The Fleet Captain had her brought along with the Raven, into service again, ahead of repairs. Battle repairs indeed. For a ship over one day from having been abandoned, she was rushed back into the evacuation of the Cerebus sector.
Defence and escort were the orders of the day. Our Captain however, was perhaps feeling vengeful? Hard to tell, since Human vocal speech does not have the full range of emotion I’m used to. At first we were on the offensive, along with escorting passenger liners evacuating multiple stations. If it hadn’t been from command and control reminding her that a station was still awaiting the liners, I think we might have actually had civilian loses in the thousands. The stress is affecting all of us, even our commanding officers.
Note: A lone TSN scout ship can not evacuate a station of that size. I’ll never forget that lesson the Captain had made for us.

But all is still not well. For every positive gain with the tide, the undertow is, as always, taking more away. The TSN had another ship wrecked, and the Hydra quickly picked up her life pods. After that, the division as a whole began to experience a complete shutdown of most of our external sensors and tablet functions. Pirate Electronic Warfare, according to higher ups. Our mission was cut short, and we had to retreat on autos. The Human expression of an appendage between our legs comes to mind; something to do with a domesticated animal.

The last few hours have seen us in simulations again. Morale is low. My hopes are still with the Arvonian peace talks, should they still be ongoing. Nothing is ever easy though.

End duty Log.
Addendum: Recent talk amongst the division has been the TSN ships lack of weapon arc coverage and overall capacity; especially after a simulation against ships of extreme power, and our dependence on having to use black holes as if they are our personal rubbish bins for aggressive ships. Seems odd ships would be suicidal enough to go on an obvious course through one in the first place, taunted or not. Well unless they’re the *redacted*. Needs further studies.

Personal Log:
If I was having doubts about being a weapons officer, then they may be fading to the background fast. Science is still a passion of mine. But with events as they are…
Well, firepower seems to be demand now.

Recovery goes well. Walking out of the water with this cane, has been interesting. It shall still be another two weeks, but I’m to continue using it while my leg regenerates in a tank. Found a use for this piece of titanium; tapping on any superior officer who asks me to be a Duty Officer again unprepared. A horrible experience, I have no desire to repeat soon.

End Personal Log