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I was a day short this week for writing. :/ PAX Prime is nearly in full swing here in Seattle, so it’s heaps busy. But I will be on for Saturday; one of the benefits from living several blocks away downtown.

Aye, attempting to finally push in whatever ‘canon’ you’re giving out. But I’m still making things up as I go along; Like I don’t know how advanced the medical tech is, so I’m still writing it vague-ish, like Babylon 5 was.

I was planning on writing hour 7 tomorrow my time, but then I realised I actually don’t know where the ex-Hyrda (or my character) crew are going to be stationed come the next duty (day) shift. Should have asked you all about that first. Doh. But then that’d be a minor spoiler eh.

So, feel free to post as is sir. Shorter is better than nothing.

Oh, and I hope I’m not scaring any regular player into attempting to write a log? That’s still my main goal in all of this. But whatever, I’ll keep writing anyways.