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Hour 5

Sleep had overcome Solari quickly, almost the instant he’d entered the aquarium.

He hadn’t the fondest idea that he’d been almost a display for some of the evacuees, whose own data tablets had been overwhelmed by the TSN’s priority and needs. Human relied on their mobile devices a tad too much for his liking, anyways.

But he wasn’t dreaming about that. For some reason, he was dancing around a fire, and primitive drums. Was the drumming getting louder?

The aquarium vibrated everything inside the water as if someone had rang a quiet bell over ones head in atmosphere. Jolted, Solari woke up, scaring the small fish away from resting in his head tendrils.
Again the aquarium vibrated with another thud. He used his hands to shift 180 and face the plasti-glass. The doctor from the medbay was looking to pounce on the window again, when Solari gave a deep whale-sounding, “Stop!”

It took the doctor and some of the surrounding evacuees aback. Solari blinked and looked around embarrassingly, whilst thinking ~Well, now know how I feel.~ He simply gave a Human-like shrug.

Pointing upwards, the doctor climbed the maintenance hatch ladder, and was joined head to head by Solari, still in the water, careful to not tread too much with his still injured leg.

Sleep seemed to be something the Doctor sorely needed, but he sighed saying. “Sorry about the knocking Lieutenant. Only way to get your attention. How’s the leg?”

Solari nodded. “Feels better in the water sir.”

A small chuckle came from the doctor. “Doesn’t it.” He seemed to look past the half-human for a moment. “Well, looks like it was a good call. We got in touch with the Xeno-biologist, and basically recommended the same thing. Keeping your leg immobile in water pressure.” He looked back at his data tablet. “Actually we should be using something similar with pure Humans as well, just um, with a breathing apparatus.” He flipped open a new window. “Right. Treatment…Ah, looks like all we need is to let you do this on and off for a week or so, and your body should regenerate cartilage on it’s own. Gregorians. Tough species.”

Solari looked down into the water, the back up. “Perhaps. But we’re nothing without access to this liquid. What is the saying, it’s our Hercules Abdomen?”

Another chuckle from the doctor. “Achilles Heel, Mister Solari. Speaking of which…” He put away his tablet, and brought up a short cane. “…you’re going to need this for a while as well. And your first test will be to report back into your division. Wounded or not, we’re still on alert.” He left the cane crosswise along the aquariums circular top, and started to climb back down.

Being reminded of the Hydra gave Solari a chill for a moment. He looked over to the cane and hum-sighed. Time to face reality, with a limp.