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Fish Evans

Given how long it took Humanity to define Prime Meridian I suspect that there are probably several different measures in use, we are after all only a mear ~215 years ahead of now. I did have a rather abstract and strange audio clip planned. I had the thought of playing it on the jump into euphine, sort of a shared hallucination. for a few reason (time, worry over confusion and understanding for some of our non-native English speakers. It never went past the planing stage… anyway here it is in all its unedited, unrefined and mostly un-spellchecked glory:

“Each and every unbalanced jump shares its risk for a breif spluttering moment the ship and its crew is nether here nor there a measurement of time so small that the universe pretends dosent happen, however for the people in transit the time is both over at once and lasts long seconds. the strange emotional, and ocational shared thoughts of those participating in the jump are one reason gate travel at stabilized points is strongly preferred over the raw energy’s of a un focused point. Some jump participants have distinctly recalled hearing the sound of the universe changing from one moment to the next, the moment that the ship is no longer at A but becomes into existance at B. the theroy goes something like this: time proceeds linieraly and on a clasical scale continuously like water over a waterfall, however as you look closer and closer you realize that things like quantum probibilty are hard to explain and it becomes easyer to describe time in steps. Thefore the cosmic quantum tick is defined as the period of time it takes for the smallest posible thing to happen to happen. its the time it takes for a quantum wave form to colapse, it is theroised it is also the time it takes for the universe to be destroyed in the then and rebuilt in the now.

—insert strange sounds and a classical “Tick” sound of a clock—

Needless to say natural Jump point travel should only be performed by those that need to or those with a strong psychological state.”