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Voice eh.
Xavier is quite spot on when it comes to it usually being more scripted. And everyone would really need to be in-character, and pretend like they’re acting. (Not badly, we hope eh.)

So, audio like the TNG Observation lounge then? It’s just the Captain and his senior staff discussing options and status reports for the ship and missions, and of course the unexpected Star Trek stuff, for narrative and downtime pacing. (We don’t have the unexpected science/exploration/discovery/ inter-character dialogue stuff yet, to do narrative pacing in the game; or are we going to?)

Yet, are the players ready for that, beyond anything scripted? Half of them on TS, will go straight to real life chat about something or another. And most of us (myself included), not in the development of the sandbox game still have a limited grasp of all the behind-the-scenes fluff (or devote any time to it), let alone how to portray their character and know the background information to back-it-up, as it were. Especially on-the-fly.
For example, you just mentioned information on the Caltron ship that I had no idea about Xavier, and I doubt anyone not in ONI would be thinking this stuff up come every Saturday game. It is interesting though, but never on my mind.

But, if you can find people who know how to free-form RP, and do voices. Sure. I’ll just echo: It’s going to basically have to be formatted in someway.
Like when I think of the media broadcast you all did for the USFP anniversary, that’s what I think is the good stuff. AKA: Starship Troopers: Would you like to know more? We seem to like that eh.
And your briefings before the missions are interesting, but again, scripted and partially written before-hand and already talked through by the people up on top, correct?

Just an example of what I, myself, wouldn’t be keen to listen to: A voice/video recording of one ship (or more) of us on a mission, with no context and nothing but strange orders and the occasional ‘crash talk’ from us. We usually don’t ever stay still or have lulls in the game long enough to have crews converse about what’s going on. And the 5/10 minute breaks are when everyone goes and does the Real Life needs.
Players are more along the lines of thinking: What position will I be in today? Who will show up? Are we doing missions and/or simulations? Am I lagging? Please, please don’t crash or lose my TS connection. Could someone repeat the orders, I didn’t hear/undertand them. Wait, what are we doing again? How’s our energy? Oh look a target! Ha, (whatever ship) got blown up! Taunt so-and-so. (The list goes on.)

Yeah, I may have gone off-track. Basically, keep them relevant and from being the dry/straightforward ship summary intell videos.
Sum up: The audio/visual is probably going to be artificially directed, in some way, shape or form.

Actually, do you have a more specific (link?) example of what you’re envisioning? 1920’s radio drama? Sci-fi TV episode?

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