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So recording of meetings, like those you get in star trek, when Janeway or Picard sat with all thier officers in that conference/meeting room and tried to figure out what was going on?

Are you seeing this as being a scripted meeting, or something more free form/ realistic? Having some notes to work off would enhance it (I think I’ve managed to improve my briefings by taking notes to help structure them for example…. though you guys are the only ones who could really comment!) If we knew the direction the conversation might take, we could make sure we have relevant ideas based on our canon, rather than trying to come up with something on the spot. I.e. we only know caltron weapon systems fire from an an array on the central axis from observation. Our sensors cannot detect exactly where the energy originates from as it uses an biochemical energy that fluctuates within the arms of each caltron and thjs may explain how they link etc etc. Basically, we figure out what we know and how we know it and what this is relevant to before we actually hold the meeting. It would be staged in terms of info and outcome, but the dialogue would be improvised and natural and probably make something interesting to listen to akin to a real ‘star trek’ style meeting.