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*shrugs* I’m going to sound so negative and critical, sorry. :/

One thing I’m not keen on is why is the Intel officer (radar/sonar, comms), steering the sub? Shouldn’t that be the Navigator, who should know where they are, and is just looking at the map anyways? (Actually, the helmsman is a separate station on a submarine to being with, but whatever it’s cool.)

Looks like more than half of the game (like most subs) would just be the traveling time. Das Boot was a long movie even with them omitting that. (not complaining, love that movie!)

And what about the ship if it gets damaged, how detailed does the Engineer go? Is there an NPC crew to help manage things like the fuel or torpedo loadings?
Yet Sweden? Love that country, but not for anything military related. That’s like playing some ‘alternate time’ Canadian sub in WWII. *scratch head* (“Ya Captain. We need to go aboot, and smoke some bacon on those U-boots now eh. What, we got hit? Bless the Germans, they’re always sending us gifts eh, how nice of them. Load the maple syrup tubes!”)

No. Not enough to grab my attention. Good theory: Submarine simulator that’s beyond the old Silent Hunter, 1 player micro-management.
But the alpha needs ‘stuff’ to do. Right now 4 people drinking and going in circles is something I could do in a bar. A board-game would be more fun.

Ok, so that was a bad review. Having typed all of that, like I said, I love the concept. And I’m sure coding a depth/distance submarine game is heaps harder then a 2-d space game! So good on the developers for that, especially just for a university project.