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I am hoping the structure will allow for better and more fluid RP. Hopefully it won’t detract from it – it is all trial and error at the moment really though sk we’ll have to see. I am going for a loose structure to it, not a strict ‘phase one, then phase two’ etc. I’ll try and build that in to the guidelines (I’ll start work on them this evening).

I think the reason why RP is more difficult online is because we have voice only, focus primarily on our jobs and I personally find the time when typing a response gives me a chance to think more carefully about what is happening. I can respond more in character typing. I can also detail actions and such that you miss over voice comms only.

It could be possible to try and fully RP a mission with a small crew and a good GM though, like the Manticore mission. We’d have to allow more time and use the text messaging on teamspeak to share our actions.