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I have added ‘Explosives’ to the list of sub-modules in combat training.

I have been thinking on the turn sequence today too. Having a guide on how to play out the turn should be useful so that there can be decisions made and actions taken and then GM input in a sequence that gives some structure and allows response,without thinhs running away suddenly or slowing down when you have to wait for GM input.

So far, my thoughts are to outline a step-by-step process that allows plenty ofcharacter interaction and RP. First, the GM would present the current situation. As much detail as possible would go into this, includig description of the surrounding environment,actions being taken by NPCs, events that are currently happening etc. After that,it will be over to the players. The next step would be for the players to ‘talk’ (using bold text) and plan out their actions on what they want to do, as well as share their ideas or speculate on the current situation e.g.

Using that console, we might be able to access the security systems and use internal sensors to scan for lifeforms.. This would be a ‘Planning Phase’. In that phase, with the number of characters, you should be able to plan out a series of ideas.

Next, after you have planned out what you are going to do and the actions you want to take, there could be an ‘Action Phase’. This is when you can use both italics and bold to represent speech and actikns being take. The key here is to ‘make attempts’ or ‘try’ to do something rather than simply do it. Using the example above the action phase would be:

Xavier’s post
Xavier runs towards the console and begins tapping in commands
Turnez, I need you over here to help me get passed these security protocols

Turnez’s post
Turnez runs up next to Xavier and takes over whilst Xavier covers with his rifle.
I’ll see what I can do. Perhaps bypassing the main server will work.
Turnez begins typing in commands to the terminal.

If in your planning phase you’ve come up with what happens next e.g ‘After we’ve got access and the internal sensors and figured out where the lifeform is we’ll send out a team to capture them’ then the GM could give you the results of your first set of actions (getting info from the console) and then assume you move on to your next set of actions (running for the shuttle) and simply write that part of thr story in the GM comments.

That should give plenty of room for interactions back and forth with those two phases. After that, it would cycle back to the GM and the results of your actions. I can write a more complete outline of this with an example as part of it, but hopefully my thinking is clear. Do we think something like this could work for the purposes of our RP? In terms if the results (normally determined by a roll of dice in) you are going to have to trust the GM. Any event that causes problems for your character (like being shot) will be for excitement and tension, not because the GM doesnt like you. Stuff like that can, and will, happen though 😉