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Character Creation Guide

Right, here is a document detailing how to create a character for the RP. Hopefully it all makes sense and will fit our purpose. It is a first draft and all typed on my phone, so when I am home in about a week, I’ll go over it and edit it. I’ll also add more information and links, as well as update the TSN Encyclopedia as I can see it being one very useful resource!

Have a go at using the document to better define your own character. @Matsiyan , it could be worth setting up a spreadsheet for people to enter the information. I would se up a form, but being on mobile makes it difficult to do so. Alternatively I could set up a new topic so people can post their characters, share and comment on them and see GM feedbacm where necessary. As you create your characters, I’d like to know if there are any other modules and sub-modules you can think of, or whether the assigned amount for each rank is clear and enough. I wanted to link it more directly to our RP in a shift.

The guidelines for number of modules are there mainly because we are setting up our characters. They give a guide on the amoubt an officer at a certain rank might have been able to study. There is no limit to how many new modules you are able to study at a certain rank once we get going.

I’ll start thinking up a scenario for us to try on the ‘holo-deck’. I already have one idea for a kind of station based one, just need to think up some details to get started. If I draft it out in enough depth it could be one that you have a second go at latter since it will be a holodeck program!