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Fish Evans

The Ships are about half the height of a TSN Light Cruisers saucer section but cubic, they have 8 “ariels” that spring out from the corners of the cube and make its apparent size larger, the sensor cross section on the Sci and other readouts makes it appear much smaller, we are thinking this is down to a stealth coating of some sort.

weve been crunching numbers in ONI and we have found the following, it should be noted that we lack a lot of information on them however there is no particualr variance between the inderviual blocks to the point that identifying a particular unit is ni on impossible. the quality control is quite astounding.

On the standard scales the one block version has the following observed stats:
80 forward and 80 aft shields a single beam with a range of 2000 units, an observed cycle time of 3.6 seconds with a 180 degree field of fire and a damage rating of 1.5 TM it has a weight of exactly 1.00001 Kt with no Obeserved variance. our sensor system was not able to gleam much more information then the weight of each ship/unit/block.

The three block version has 250 foward and aft shields which is slightly stronger then 3 individual blocks would be, the observed rate of fire on the 3 beam arcs is slightly less as well.

We observed a 6 block version as well which was also tougher then two indervidual 3 block units would be indicating that the more theses ships stack into one ship the more dangerous and harder to kill they become.

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