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You’re being a tad too literal sir. I mean latin as in just giving it a language-based name not a classification. Many explorers call things from their own perspectives and even local figures of the times.
If memory serves, old Earth Japanese space animations were very famous for naming species from the Humans point of view without any knowledge beforehand, and only later finding out their actual names. (And not caring.) On that note, you could suggest the Terran Nordic regions name for something. That’s the idea.

And no, we have nothing. That’s life in general. Some mysteries aren’t solved in a day, let alone a decade. Unless you have a technological breakthrough to re-animate matter out of a singularity, or from explosions that vaporise almost completely?

Ah! Perhaps you wish to see if we can board one of their ships intact? Could be…interesting, assuming we manage to disable one. They don’t seem to surrender or not implode/explode, however. Perhaps then you’re classification idea could um…what do Humans say, give vegetables? Oh, something with food. Fruit!

Sorry gone off topic. Hmm. The mesmerising messor. That’s one idea.

Any other names?