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John van Leigh

From: Lieutenant Commander John van Leigh
To: Lieutenant Commander Eric Aramond
Subject: RE:Locating POI

Everything’s well. The capture of Volantis keeps advancing with minimal losses for our division. I’m not sure we’ll have a chance to get to the Poseidon Rift, but a reported increase on Unuk activity might just do the trick.

I’ll ask Fish to approve a scouting run. That ship you talk about sounds like shit propaganda, but might even be worth checking on. Being stabbed from the back as soon as we capture a sector is somewhat anticlimactic.

Stay well over there with the brass, we’re gonna need you back on the field soon.

-Lt. Cmdr. van Leigh.


From: Lieutenant Commander John van Leigh
To: Captain Fish Evans // @fishevans
Subject: Unakalhai activity on the Poseidon Rift


I came across a concerning piece of intelligence. Apparently, there is a party of Unukalhai, the brother of our Lieutenant Senior Mundy amongst them, closing on the Poseidon Rift. They seem to be associated somehow with a ship, the Malfeas, which holds special significance to them.

My conclusion is that this either constitudes a raid, in which case must be stopped, or the Malfeas is either a propaganda claim or a real military threat. Should that be the case, at the very least we need to be aware of her capabilities.

I am hereby requesting permissions to depart on recon ops to the Poseidon Rift, with the mission of investigating and reporting back on Unukalhai activity and general bulk cargo movements.


Lt. Cmdr. van Leigh