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My thoughts again 🙂
-Any ‘checklist’ has to involve real in game items. There is enough there to do it properly, adding saying things for the sake of saying it detracts from the fact we are all involved in flying a ‘real’ ship. Keep to stuff like weapons “tubes active” when loading an EMP or whatever the captain has as a default loadout. “Manover and impulse systems fully operational” from helm with appropitate changes if it’s a bit glitchy.
-Have you tasted replicated food??? The real thing is far better 🙂
-As ensigns and cadets keep RP chat to stuff on your ship, once you’ve been in a bit longer extend your roleplay additions further, by that point you should have an idea whats out there and have had chance to look through the other background material. But it’s never bad to remember “Zephyr is AWESOME” 🙂 that always goes down well 🙂 with me anyway.
-As for adverts I’ll keep you posted about some real world advertising hopefully soon 🙂
-remember the main point is to have fun and give all the players a chance to have a good fun experience. For some that will be a lot of time spent on this beyond Saturdays for others Saturdays is all they can do/willing to do. This could be the hard balance, enough RP to be imersive but not to much as to alienate casual players.