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Now this has been some good feedback from everyone. Love this sort of inter-action and the wealth of ideas and statements.
Xavier, I realise this is your project, on the whole, so I’m sure as heck fine with getting everything OK’d by the powers that be, if we can help in any further developments for the TSN. And balls that most of the information is either fragmented on someone’s drive, or lost. :/
All of us Ensings/Cadets can’t do anything ‘official’ via an assignment, according to the TSN rules, so writing our experiences in-character, and ideas out-of-character and engaging each other, is a small step in retention for newer (and older?) members. And it might give some insights into how we all see our characters, or what we did on the duty-shift for feedback. Could even be important for people who can’t make every Saturday and still want to show they’re around in general.

Personally, I stay away from the ‘main’ forums, for a game, because I’m not looking for drama or conflicts from other groups. What’s done on this forum, is for us, by us. No complications and no upstarting anyone else. But that’s the place you go to advert and see what’s going on. (Scary stuff.) Thing is, the more that’s here, the more I want to stay here. One thing that can be alluring is a well constructed and active website.

Fish, you should consider starting up the logs again on this site. Anyone else keen? I love reading them, and now I’m psyched to write as well.
Could we create a sub-forum in the Wardroom, specifically for character logs? I’d love to start after our next duty shift, but perhaps more story-like then simply logs. (Or however Jemel and Xavier wish that to happen or be posted.)
We could follow Fish’s format, or whatever ‘official’ TSN approved one Xavier likes.

I take it R&D would be a place to help Hall (and Xavier, heh.) with TSN lore/backstory/technology fluff, as well as whatever game coding you’re doing? Sounds like you’re going to need more heads there. Reckon that’ll have to wait then, since that’s Lt and above stuff.

This is a whole other side to the group, beyond the game and it’s mechanics and pressing buttons. Best part is, it doesn’t change what we do on Saturday, and I hope might make some of us feel like we’re a part of something like a real organisation. Err, a fake real one. You know what I mean? 😛