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Leonard Hall

So it turns out that accidental left-alignment I did halfway through that word wall, or the sheer length, or a combination thereof completely destroyed the formatting on all future posts. Damn.

Yeah, the USFP ( United Space Faring Planets for those who didn’t know already) is a pretty obvious Trek knockoff that you’d see coming from a lightyear away, but it has its own flavor of course and I wouldn’t discount the ideology of other franchises creeping in.

There’s also the plans for the Allegiance Battlecruiser ( mislabeled Aegis in the file itself)

and the Intrepid-class Scout

These are at least the ones I’ve been able to get pinned down from my drive history, as Jemel’s never made an official repository for these babies.

— LTJG Hall, O.N.I.

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