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Jemel Eahain

Love the logs solari,they make very interesting reading.
regarding tech it’s something no one has ever really asked about, most just make it up as they go along.
some things are just taken as a given like most people refer to replicators etc for food but never in much detail.
ages ago I started a project making deck plans and drawing out ship systems and how I imagined they worked, some of that made it to the website most is sitting on my g drive waiting on me finishing it.

like people said if you have ideas get pen to paper and passed to a command officer,
Just a heads up on how it’s been with getting ideas through, there used to be a command staff who worked things out for the community but with 2 many points of view nothing got done, so it was shrunk down to division c.o. making the calls, thats fine but with real life it can take a while to get through things and approve them. Now the division is going back to a command staff(of similar view of the big picture) that should be communicating mid week via forums etc and meetings to get stuff flowing again.